How Japanese Drama, British TV Shows and Other Entertainment Made Me More Culturally Diverse

I remember when we first got cable that had at least 100 channels. I was sitting in the living room with the TV on one evening noticing that I had nothing interesting to watch. I put on a British channel and got hooked on their comedies, dramas and even the news. It was different, quirky at times but more interesting than the usual fare on the networks I was used to. Then I gave Japanese drama a chance. I said that I was going to pick something I might like and watch at least seven episodes. Well, after getting familiar with the cultural differences, I really started to like it.

Don’t get me wrong. I still have my American favorites. I even have some Canadian favorite shows. Continue reading

Best Prices on Cosplay Costumes

I am dating this girl and she is kind of wild. I like that in a girl, and from the first date that I went on with her, I could tell that she was a keeper. But I did not really know at all what I had in store for me on that first date. I think that I hit the jackpot though, and I am pretty excited about some of the things she has planned. Right now, I am on this site looking for costumes for us to wear.

I am not going to say why we are going to wear the costumes, but I think that you should be able to fill in the pieces from what I have already said on the subject. I am not really sure what costume I want to buy. I get to choose two costumes, one for myself and one for her.

And she also gets to choose one for herself, and one for me. Continue reading