I Changed My Diet Starting in College

I have taken tests in college where I could barely stay awake. It is hard to get all the studying in that I needed to do and get a good night of sleep. I would sometimes doze right in the middle of answering a question. I would not wait to cram before an exam. I would study throughout the courses. However, I would cram the night before too. I found a website that advises about foods to eat before taking a test. I never heard of that before. I figured if they would work for a test, then maybe they would help me absorb more information during my study time as well. I wanted to be able to just study normally without having to cram material the day before every test. The anxiety was really wearing on me.

Study time was a period of winding down from moving about over the campus. No debates, conversations or loud groups. Just quiet study time. Continue reading

Health Issues That Happen to Women That Are Not Topics for General Conversation

It is like taboo to talk about even in liberal cultures, but females have problems that can occur with their reproductive and sexual organs that can be unhealthy and even socially stigmatizing. Some girls are horrified if a pad or tampon leaks and it is pointed out by peers, especially males. Yeast infections probably occur at least once in most women, but they are not going to advertise that it is happening. There are many over-the-counter and herbal remedies that are available to treat mild yeast infections and normal discharges that naturally occur from time to time. Crystal X and azole medications and other creams, ointments and suppositories are used. Treatment depends on the condition and the severity.

For example, a very mild yeast proliferation may be treated systemically by eating yogurt for a few days. If it gets worse, then one of the popular OTC azole drugs may be necessary. Continue reading