Exchanging Scrap Metal for Free Money


I was curious about something to do with scrap metal. I was helping my uncle clean out one of the barns on his property, and I was really shocked to see just how much scrap metal he had in there. I knew that he could probably make a decent amount of money if prices were good, but I had no way of knowing what the companies were paying on my own. That is why I went to my computer and typed in how much is scrap metal worth? on one of the search engines that I use a lot.

That is how I found a site that has really been very helpful in finding out just how much money he can get for the different kinds of metals. He mostly has aluminum, but he also has some copper and brass scrap metals. Continue reading

I Love What I Do for a Living with the Help of My Diagnostic Scanner

I like to buy old cars at really low prices and then turn around and sell them. I have been able to make quite a bit of money at this. I make sure that I fix the car up so that it is safe to drive and won’t pose any trouble for the buyer. I do this buy using my ELM 327 scanner that I purchased online at a great price. It really helps me to learn all the things that may be going on with a car that I may not be able to see visually or feel when I drive the car. I also believe that it has saved me a lot of money.

I first got the idea of buying old vehicles and selling them myself after I began working for a man who runs a monthly car auction. He hired me to help him with a lot of general tasks. Continue reading

I Wanted to Make Sure I Did Things the Right Way

My best friend is a female, and she and I met when we were in elementary school. I remember other people I know meeting a close friend in elementary school or high school, but most of those friendships didn’t stand the test of time. But Elsy and I do not fight, and we accept one another for who we truly are. One night, we went out for coffee to catch up. She was wondering aloud who will marry Elsy El-Chayeb and I paused a moment and let that sink in. She was fretting about her dating life, and I suddenly realized that I would give anything to be her husband. Continue reading