My Best Friend and Wife Works with Me Daily

In a good number of movies, it has not been uncommon for business owners to run off with their company secretary at some point. I married my secretary, but the situation is not anything like what they like to portray in the movies. Both of us were single people who simply became friends and fell in love with one another over time. All very innocent, my wife is truly my best friend and my best supporter in both life and work.

I began working at the company that I still work for about 25 years ago. I have had a number of great secretaries working for me. All of them have been great assistant who have helped me keep everything together at work. Continue reading

What to Do After the Weight is Gone

I needed to find more information on body contouring in Singapore recently due to a drastic weight loss. I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, but she was the last of three children so I really bulked up during the pregnancy. After giving birth, I worked really hard to lose the weight. It was a real struggle, but I finally pulled it off only to discover that my body looked really strange. When I was younger and lost weight my body shape would sort of bounce back and I’d look normal, but that didn’t happen this time. I think it’s a combination of age and gravity.

We have the money to do something like body contouring, but first I needed to find out information about it and to see if it’s a safe procedure. Continue reading