Our Web Domain Was in Sore Need of a Makeover

We got so involved with social media for promoting our business that we let our website slip into antiquity. I’m not talking about it having a visit counter at the bottom of the page or sparkly animated gifs, but it was still quite dated and needed a makeover. We hired a company that does web design in Milton to help us with our domain renovations. We wanted to incorporate a content management system that would make it a lot easier for us to update our website in-house as well as having our outside web development team be able to do their thing.

Speaking of web counters and sparkly animated gifs, I do remember those being a big part of websites back in the day. That and MIDI music files that played when you landed on someones page. Nowadays those annoying popover videos that start to play are the modern MIDI equivalents. Continue reading

My Wife and I Play Games Online

I wanted to see if I could find Capsa Susun online, so I did a search for it. That search led me to a site that has the top poker sites on it for Indonesia players. I am not a huge gambler, but I do like to take my chances every now and again, and this site ended up being the gateway for me to do that. Before, I would just meet with some work buddies every few months so we could play. While I am not the type to play every day, I am also not the type who wants to play just three or four times a year either. Continue reading

Helped Get My Dental Practice off the Ground

I needed help with marketing in healthcare after getting out of dental school and opening my own practice. As anyone in the field knows, these are the scary and lean years when you are desperately trying to get a patient base built to cover the costs of running the practice. I don’t know how anyone managed to do this in the days before the internet. I assume word of mouth worked, but I bet it took a long time to build up a successful practice. Also there were less costs back in those days so it was easier to take a bit of time.

That isn’t the case these days. I needed to get the word out immediately, and I also needed help to overcome a couple of negative online reviews that came about due to an employee who has since been fired. I turned to an online virtual assistant for help. Continue reading

Our Dog Panics when We Go to the Vet’s Office

Our little dog listens very well. She comes inside from the fenced in area on the first call. She responds to the sit and lie down commands no matter what the distractions are. She does not bark at people or dogs, and she is very friendly. However, she panics when we visit the vet’s office. I had to get a cheap dog carrier to put her in before we even leave the house to go to the vet. She will jump all around inside the car even trying to wedge herself under the seat to not have to go into the vet’s office. The vet is my sister, so I know she treats her well. We are not sure what the problem is.

We have taken her there just to have treats and visit, and she panics the whole time even though no treatments are done. Continue reading

Using Precision Scales in Our Farming and Herbal Recipe Business

I started growing lavender for making my own scented sachets. Then I bought a piece of property next to our acreage when the demand for it was exceeding my ability to supply it. My husband and I also learned to grow and extract organic essential oils from the various things we planted on our property from lavender to our wild spearmint. Some of our products we make are sold by weight, so I wanted to use the best scientific scales I could find to get precision weights. If I said there was 20 grams of product in a container, I wanted it to be exactly 20 grams. It was important because a lot of herbalists would use our products in their own formulations, and accuracy really is a big deal in making herbal preparations. Continue reading

I Had All of Our Graphical Design Elements on Our Domain and Social Media Accounts Renovated

Our website and social media accounts needed a makeover. I was great at inventing things to sell, but I was lousy at marketing them. I went after a company that does digital marketing for Walnut Creek, and that is when my sales took off again. I make little plastic gadgets that are very useful. I have drawn designs on napkins, coded them in CAD and printed prototypes on a 3D printer. I test them out and then send the files off to a US plastics manufacturer who makes my stuff, and then I offer the products online.

I sell those things that you can get by without, but once you own them you use them pretty much all the time. I needed to keep my little business on the minds of as many people as possible. Continue reading

All the Taste Without the Oil

Who doesn’t love chicken wings? I love air fryer chicken wings even more than the conventional ones you get at the store or at your local wings joint. The problem with chicken wings, at least the ones we all know and love, is that they are usually fried. This is not good for obvious reasons. We all know fried foods aren’t very good for you due to all the unhealthy oils used to prepare them. You can change up the oils and still fry them, but you are still not doing your heart any favors by indulging in them on a regular basis.

It is a shame too because chicken is a very healthy meat. It is a staple for those on low carb diets and those suffering from diabetes. Weightlifters and fitness fanatics eat chicken almost on a daily basis because of it’s healthy qualities and high protein content. They stay away from the fried chicken meals, however, because of the elevated dangers to your heart and arteries. Continue reading