Automating Data Gathering and Dissemination with Custom Software to Save Time and Money


We were cutting edge as a business except for a few details. We had an incredible phone system that managed customer issues directing them to the exact information or person they needed to speak to. We had a one call resolution policy that gave great power to our employees to ensure customer satisfaction. However, we lacked in integration of key data among the applications we used across our different divisions. We still had employees emailing spreadsheets or accessing them in the cloud. We got help from a company that does software development in Bradford to help us centralize and automate processes. We not only wanted to provide a one call resolution to any customer problems, we wanted data capture and sharing to not require manual intervention.

This required integrating all departments from research and development to shipping. This would halt the need of having employees gather, tabulate and then share critical information that needs to be shared. Continue reading

I Got As Good of a Job As is Possible


Obviously there are real limits to what sort of job I can take while I am studying computer science full time at the University. Most of the options are not good at all, stuff like flipping burgers or working the counter at a convenience store. At any rate this job is not perfect, but it is a full time job where I do almost no work. The job is at a place that does self storage in Newmarket, in fact the have all sorts of other things that they do. None of the other stuff is my concern however. I just sit at the gate and wait to see if anything happens. There are usually a few people coming by every night and some of the time they are lost. Continue reading

New Tyres for My Son’s New Car

When I started looking for a used car to buy for my son, I knew that we were going to have to get a fixer upper with the budget that we had to work with. I am not willing to compromise his safety though just to save a few bucks, so I took my time looking at all the clunkers that were being sold in the area. When I came across one that is only ten years old with low mileage, we snagged it up. I knew that we would need to check into getting some Dandenong tyres put on it, but it looked good otherwise.

I was really happy that we had found him such a bargain. The amazing thing was that it was not in bad shape at all, save for the tyres. Continue reading

My Wife Deserves to Have Flowers

My wife and I had our first argument not that long ago. We have been married for nearly two years, so I guess that is not a bad track record. Of course, we had our bickering moments, but this was our first real fight where we were both just shattered by it. I knew that neither of us wanted to hurt the other, even though that is exactly what we did. I had to rush out for work, but my mind kept going back to that. I decided to do a search for cheap flower delivery for Melbourne, spur of the moment.

I had sent her flowers on our anniversary last year, but that was the only time. I saw how much that made her happy, and I wanted to put that kind of smile back on her face. Continue reading

Getting a Towel Heater for Home Use

I discovered something nice when we went on a ski trip. The hotel room had a towel heater in the bathroom. I do not particularly like the winter, and I only went on the ski trip because my wife and kids wanted to go. I would have preferred a visit to a tropical island. When we got home I started looking at a 250mm wide towel radiator to be installed in our bathroom. We have a large master bath, and I liked the idea of warm towels on cold winter mornings. I have a terrycloth robe, and I imagine it could be heated on the rack as well.

Have you ever enjoyed fresh linens and blankets just out of the clothes dryer on a chilly night? This feeling can be had every morning at shower time by using a towel heater. Continue reading

Getting Skin That Looks Normal

I’ve been dealing with psoriasis for many years. I’ve gone to doctors and taken medications, but it still keeps coming. Sometimes I have to cover up various portions of my skin because I’m embarrassed for anyone else to see my psoriasis. One day I was looking up information about my condition and found a Psoriasis Revolution review. It was a book with a lot of information for handling the condition. I thought I knew just about everything there was to treating the condition, but there was so much more. I ordered the book and hoped for the best.

I monitored my progress as I used what I learned from the book. Continue reading

Finding the Best Attorney to Represent an Investor

I never cheat on my taxes, but I seem to be audited by the IRS at least once every few years. I don’t blame my accountant, because he does a stellar job of preparing everything and I trust his work. It has a lot to do with the amount of money I earn and my business holdings. I’ve gotten used to it over the years, but this last audit was particularly challenging. I decided that I needed representation and did an online search for best tax attorney NYC. I wanted to make sure that I had the absolute best lawyer on my side. It didn’t matter how much it cost, only that I won my case.

I work in finance and investing, so money is constantly flowing through my businesses all the time. That’s nothing new. What was new was the way that the IRS seemed to be pursuing me this time around. Continue reading