My Son Started Enjoying Physics Class

I am very active in my kids’ lives. That is why I was a bit concerned when my son told me that he was not enjoying his physics class when I asked him about it. I could understand if he had said that about some of his other classes, but to say physics was boring was something I couldn’t understand. I knew that it had to be the way he was being taught, and that I had no control over that part of it. What I could do though was look into JC physics tuition to see if I could find a tutor or tuition centre that would help him appreciate more things about physics.

I knew that he was not being taught the fun aspects of the subject if he was bored. Continue reading

Thorough Cleaning Makes New Tenants Feel at Home from the Very First Day They Move in

When I put my rental properties back up on the market to acquire new tenants, I make sure they look fresh and new. This entices the potential lessee into a new lease. No one wants to move into a dirty or run down place and have to fix it up if they are renting. This is the main reason why I use a company that is really good at post tenancy cleaning for Singapore rental properties. They do the job that neither the leaving tenants or I can do.

No matter how well-intentioned the tenant who is leaving a property is, they never do a thorough cleaning job. It is rare to find a rental property where the entire interior has been thoroughly scrubbed and polished. Continue reading