A HostGator Review Gets My Wife and I to Finally Start Our Own Online Business

Hostgator Coupon 50 OffI had an idea for an online business. Then my wife came up with a really good name for our business. We had not done anything about it though. We would talk about it half in jest, though there were hints of sincerity in there too. When we got cut back in hours where we work, we started talking more about going out on our own. We were using our talents to make another company rich, and they cut us back in hours. When I saw a hostgator review online, I read the thing completely through at one time.

I then went to the HostGator website to see how much it would cost to register a web domain. I did not even think our business name would be available since it sounded so cool. However, I typed it in and the domain was available exactly how I spelled it. I also checked permutations of the spelling of the web domain to see if anyone else was trying to use it. All of the various ways it could be spelled were ready to be owned.