We are currently on a world tour and there is hardly a day when we do not somehow book any accommodation somewhere in any country. Anglesey Heritage offers whether hotel, hostel, bed & breakfast, flat, apartment or tent: you almost always have to book. During the high season, one often cannot afford to just walk into a place and book the next accommodation one finds. Over time you will become a booking professional! We have put together our five best tips for cheap hotel bookings that will save you a few euros from your booking:

The accommodations must pay commissions of 25% and more to these providers. This is not only annoying but in our opinion more than borderline. Many hotel, hostel and other accommodation providers have their own websites where you can book your rooms directly through more or less good booking systems (or the good old telephone). Discounts of 20% and more are not uncommon, because the commission on the platforms does not have to be paid by the hotel. So: Search on a booking platform and decide and once you have made up your mind, google the accommodation, you will certainly find what you are looking for and can save money on your hotel booking! And when it comes to accommodation, a little more money gets stuck, so you can use this trick with a clear conscience!

For all, which are more frequently in the year on the way, the larger reservation portals hold discounts ready for frequent travelers: for example, you get a free night after ten nights booked, the value of which corresponds to the average value of your last ten bookings. We think currently has the best bonus program. It goes by the name of “Genius”. After five bookings you will receive this status and numerous benefits. The most attractive is that you get an immediate discount of 10% on a large part of the Booking.com range. By the way, this is at the expense of the platform’s margin, so you don’t have to feel guilty when booking. Other benefits, such as free bike hire, a welcome drink, a free late checkout or early checkout and many other amenities will also be offered to you at some accommodation.

This is actually a tip for cheap booking that you don’t have to mention at all, but many bookers don’t use it: There are lots of more or less usable vouchers out there on the internet and there are websites that collect them and make them available. Often they honestly don’t work, but not infrequently they do. Especially from Hotels.com, for example, vouchers in the 5% to 15% discount range fly around the net all the time, which you can use in the booking process. Just search for it! By the way: Students get a permanent discount of 10%, simply register and you can generate as many vouchers as you want until your fingers fall off the voucher generator…

More and more accommodations, whether holiday apartments, hotels or hostels, also offer their rooms. On the portal there are for a long time no longer only private apartments to discover. Searching here is simply more fun because the interface is simply beautiful, simple and clear. And the best: The prices are often lower, because charges less commission. And even better: For longer stays (from about one week), many accommodations give weekly and monthly discounts around 15% to even 30%. Sometimes more, sometimes less. By the way: If you don’t have an account yet and click here, you’ll get a starting credit of 30,- Euro for your first booking!

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