All the Taste Without the Oil

Who doesn’t love chicken wings? I love air fryer chicken wings even more than the conventional ones you get at the store or at your local wings joint. The problem with chicken wings, at least the ones we all know and love, is that they are usually fried. This is not good for obvious reasons. We all know fried foods aren’t very good for you due to all the unhealthy oils used to prepare them. You can change up the oils and still fry them, but you are still not doing your heart any favors by indulging in them on a regular basis.

It is a shame too because chicken is a very healthy meat. It is a staple for those on low carb diets and those suffering from diabetes. Weightlifters and fitness fanatics eat chicken almost on a daily basis because of it’s healthy qualities and high protein content. They stay away from the fried chicken meals, however, because of the elevated dangers to your heart and arteries. That is were the air fryer comes in: it’s a way to get that great fried chicken taste without marinating the wings in heart destroying oils.

The air fryer works by using superheated air to slowly fry the chicken. It sounds to good to be true, but it’s not. I got one and found some recipes online and I have to say I can’t really tell a difference. You would think it wouldn’t be the same. You would be wrong. I even made up some wings with the air fryer and then bought some from the store that were deep fried and my friends thought they were the same thing. That more than anything should tell you that this is an effective technique to get that great fried taste with the actually oil frying!