Automating Data Gathering and Dissemination with Custom Software to Save Time and Money

We were cutting edge as a business except for a few details. We had an incredible phone system that managed customer issues directing them to the exact information or person they needed to speak to. We had a one call resolution policy that gave great power to our employees to ensure customer satisfaction. However, we lacked in integration of key data among the applications we used across our different divisions. We still had employees emailing spreadsheets or accessing them in the cloud. We got help from a company that does software development in Bradford to help us centralize and automate processes. We not only wanted to provide a one call resolution to any customer problems, we wanted data capture and sharing to not require manual intervention.

This required integrating all departments from research and development to shipping. This would halt the need of having employees gather, tabulate and then share critical information that needs to be shared. It would now be automatically collected and disseminated as needed in all the formats it needed to go out in. This included spreadsheets that could just be viewed to database integration among various types of software from the programs that controlled the robotic machines on our production line to the shipping software the guys and gals use who are putting the packages on the delivery trucks.

When we spoke to the software engineers at the company that does software development in Bradford, we told them we wanted integration and automation to take a hands-off approach to data gathering and dissemination. This saved us a bundle in man hours that were formerly devoted to redundant routines. It also made the employees that had to manage the data happy that they could concentrate on other things that are far more productive. Unless you take a close look at the hours spent manually managing data your company uses, you just won’t know how much you can end up saving.