Changing the Behavior of Our Work Force

Working in Singapore has been one of the best experiences of my work life as of yet. I’ve been employed as a project manager for app development service in Singapore for the past six months and the time that I’ve been here I have learned more about working with other people on a team that I did in the five years in the United States during the time I was employed working on similar projects. It might be rude to admit but I’ve come to recognize the level of inclusion which exists in most American companies.

It’s not true for all Americans or their companies but on the number of projects I worked on as a contractor for several companies, both large and small, it was clear that they had a derisive attitude toward the rest of the world. Americans honestly do have a sense of superiority, regardless of what they think of as their ‘race’, and even if it might be true that America is a very successful nation it shouldn’t mean that the workers in that country are any better than the rest of the world. In fact, I feel that the work force here in Singapore is actually a superior one.

With so much focus on education and supporting themselves as citizens here in Singapore, I’ve been able tow ork with some of the most dedicated and eager individuals in my short time within this industry. I wish I could take back all of my co-workers from here to the States in order to introduce new ideas into my industry. It’s ridiculous to look back on how I behaved when I was home and around co-workers who only served to reinforce the methods we used and the behavior we expressed. I hope that I can change things when I go back.