Cultural Anglesey

As well as the visible remains of Anglesey’s past, a rich seam of myths and traditions have been handed down over the years.


Welsh is still spoken on a daily basis by over 60% of the island’s inhabitants. The Welsh language is one of Europe’s oldest and closely related to Scottish and Irish Gaelic, Cornish and Breton.

Across the island, all year round, you will find a wide variety of entertainment and events, covering traditional Welsh folk music, dance and culture, including the singing of our renowned choirs. Take part in a Celtic folk evening or an open air concert. Enjoy one of our summer festivals, from classical to jazz.

The arts and crafts have played an equally important part in Anglesey’s culture, from the old rural crafts which grew up using local materials such as marram grass for weaving, to artists like the late Sir Kyffin Williams, taking their inspiration from the natural world.

Visit our public galleries, arts centres and private galleries to experience a rich palette of painting, sculpture and works in new media, many of which are inspired by our unique landscape and ancient Celtic influences. Weavers, carvers, jewellers and specialists of many kinds live and work on the island, creating works of art which you can take home and enjoy for years to come.


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