Welsh is one of the oldest living languages in Europe and has its roots in the ancient British language spoken throughout England and Wales prior to the Saxon invasion.

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As such, it bears similarities to its sister Celtic languages of Cornish and Breton and is a close cousin of Gaelic.

Wherever you venture on the island today you will hear and see the Welsh language – 60% of the population speaks Welsh, making it a thriving part of Anglesey’s everyday life. All of the Island’s children enjoy a bilingual education, and many linguistic organisations exist within the community.

You will hear and see much evidence of Welsh as a living language on the island, particularly in daily conversation, place names and direction signs.

Welsh has survived marvellously, and today you can see and hear it flourishing in books, newspapers and magazines. There are two Welsh language radio stations which serve Anglesey, Radio Cymru (92-96FM) and Champion 103FM, and a Welsh language television channel – S4C.