End Lobbying by Internet Providers

I like to think that here in the United States we have been blessed with an abundance of high speed Internet. But how would you feel if I told you right now that everything you know about the Internet is actually a lie? What if I told you that the entire cable infrastructure in which you depend upon for your digital cable connection has actually been paid for by you and you’re, right now, paying for it with every monthly bill that you receive from your high speed provider? You’d be pretty angry, I bet, considering how expensive those bills can be.

Well, it’s true. The Federal Government loaned many of the providers the money, from our taxes, to create an infrastructure which would be improved upon year after year. Instead of actually doing that, they managed to lobby congress several years later to push forward some tax bills that favored them, allowing them to bypass the need to improve the infrastructure and in return not have to actually pay back any of the money that they loaned. So, in essence, they robbed both the federal government and the consumers who are even now still using their services each and every day.

This is the kind of corporate world we live in. These are men and women whose every act is for the sole purpose of profit. They don’t care about you, me or our children. They care only for the bottom line. They want their books in the black and they will do everything to get in. It’s time for an actual change – not the change that Obama promised us but a change in which businesses have absolutely no say in our government. Let’s end this lobbying nonsense right here, right now, and bring back the power to those who it matters most to; the people.