Exchanging Scrap Metal for Free Money

I was curious about something to do with scrap metal. I was helping my uncle clean out one of the barns on his property, and I was really shocked to see just how much scrap metal he had in there. I knew that he could probably make a decent amount of money if prices were good, but I had no way of knowing what the companies were paying on my own. That is why I went to my computer and typed in how much is scrap metal worth? on one of the search engines that I use a lot.

That is how I found a site that has really been very helpful in finding out just how much money he can get for the different kinds of metals. He mostly has aluminum, but he also has some copper and brass scrap metals. I was able to plug in how many pounds of each that I thought he had, and it gave me the exact price right there on the home page that he would be able to get for each kind of metal that he has. When I showed him, he was even more surprised than I was.

He had told me that he had no idea what he was going to do with all of it. He actually thought he might have to pay someone to come and get rid of it for him. I had to laugh, because just about anyone would take that deal! Instead, we loaded up his pickup truck with every bit of scrap metal that we could fit into it, and we headed to the scrap metal yard to collect on basically free money for him. We ended up making three trips, and he even took me out to dinner with part of his profits from the scrap metal.