Found a Little Place in Idaho

I am going to do this little cowboy thing out in a little town in Idaho. I was not thinking about retiring this far from any place, but I was looking for the sort of place where I could do the sort of things that I want to. This place has a lot of hunting and fishing opportunities and I found a place that is set up just right so I can just walk right in. I had to find the best home insurance deals and work out all of the details. It was a big deal to save a bit of money around the edges, because this is a project where the land and the house are not the whole deal. It is a farm and a ranch. So I need a tractor obviously and I need a couple of horses especially. I am looking for a couple of nice Arabian trail horses. Back the last time I lived in an area where it was possible Meg and I had a couple of horses. We really loved it and that is the idea behind this.

Of course if I did not have the Cessna this would be a bit too far from the rest of the world. However I can fly right in to this place from Spokane in around an hour and ten minutes. It is pretty close to the traditional Palouse country where the Nez Perce and Chief Joseph once rode their spotted Appaloosa horses and of course those are perfect back country horses as well. So we are going to see if we can find a good deal on something of that sort. Obviously I will need a big horse trailer and a lot of tack as well, but I am guessing I can find it all second hand.