Getting a Towel Heater for Home Use

I discovered something nice when we went on a ski trip. The hotel room had a towel heater in the bathroom. I do not particularly like the winter, and I only went on the ski trip because my wife and kids wanted to go. I would have preferred a visit to a tropical island. When we got home I started looking at a 250mm wide towel radiator to be installed in our bathroom. We have a large master bath, and I liked the idea of warm towels on cold winter mornings. I have a terrycloth robe, and I imagine it could be heated on the rack as well.

Have you ever enjoyed fresh linens and blankets just out of the clothes dryer on a chilly night? This feeling can be had every morning at shower time by using a towel heater. The warmth feels good on your skin even on days when it is otherwise comfortable as far as the temperature is concerned. This summer has been a weird one with really hot days followed by abnormally cool ones. We actually were in agreement in June to turn the furnace on one morning. I would have liked to have had our 250mm wide towel radiator available on that day.

Ski resorts have boot warmers too. You hang your ski boots up on them to warm them and dry them out. The towel warmers are just racks with tubing that is heated that you drape the towel over. I imagine that you can get bigger ones or smaller ones depending on the size of your bathroom at home. I would say that it is a great use of wall space, especially if you have a natural aversion to all things cold like I have. If you want cozy comfort, and I do, a warm towel after your morning shower is great.