Getting Noticed on SoundCloud is Possible if You Know How It is Done

Have you ever went to the new social media sensation for musicians and wonder why some of the stuff seems to be so popular? I have, and it got me thinking of how I could actually promote a band I manage. It is an amateur band that has a lot of local fame. They play gigs every weekend, and there is enough money coming in that the band and me are making a decent side income. However, we want to go full time. We have two professionally produced CDs, and that is why I decided to buy SoundCloud comments on the band’s posts on the service.

In order to keep up this momentum, we needed to expand our listening audience in every way that we can. We are getting some air play on local radio stations. People are ordering the CDs and even some official band apparel. We are getting a decent loyal following in the region. A producer told us that we were not ready for national expansion yet. He said that the investment would not yield the returns he wanted. That was one producer, and he was not that big himself. I started to do all I could on social media to get the band noticed, and going ahead and making the decision to buy SoundCloud comments was a decent start.

It is activity on these social media sites that gets noticed. Activity gets the sites themselves to automatically promote you. Comments show viewer interaction. Comments take time to write, therefore they are real interaction. Comments on SoundCloud make the band’s page activity percentage go up and up. As that happens the SoundCloud site takes notice and starts to promote the band’s page even more. The goal is to get your stuff right on the front page of the site. The goal is to get your band’s picture on the top banner of the site for everyone to see. Activity is what is going to make that happen.