He Just Couldn’t Understand It

Potty training is terribly hard for some children. I know for my first son, it was pretty easy. I told and explained to him what was going on and what I would like for him to do. He got it instantly and kept doing it because he recognized the punishment that would follow if he did not. THe second kid however did not care. He would continually forget to use the bathroom regularly so I wasn’t really sure what I could do. I could keep punishing him, but that clearly wasn’t working. So I went to www.pottytrainingvideos123.com. I used this site to find out different strategies to potty train my son. At first I thought that there was no way that someone else could help me potty train my kid without actually coming to talk to me. So I went in skeptical to say the least.

The results were pretty good if you ask me. I got everything together and started on one of their beginner courses in potty training. My son did not instantly take to it, he was still having difficulty seeing the point of it all so I tried to make it even clearer to him. It was clear to me that this specific strategy was not working so I went in search of a new one. There were hundreds to choose from, but I only needed two and my son finally got it and we started a new stage of his life. It was actually pretty easy, I got a few different ways to approach the issue with him, and I can’t say for cedrtain if he responded to those strategies or if it was jsut luck, but either way I’m happy and I probably could not have done it without that website and all of the great people that post ideas there.