Helped Get My Dental Practice off the Ground

I needed help with marketing in healthcare after getting out of dental school and opening my own practice. As anyone in the field knows, these are the scary and lean years when you are desperately trying to get a patient base built to cover the costs of running the practice. I don’t know how anyone managed to do this in the days before the internet. I assume word of mouth worked, but I bet it took a long time to build up a successful practice. Also there were less costs back in those days so it was easier to take a bit of time.

That isn’t the case these days. I needed to get the word out immediately, and I also needed help to overcome a couple of negative online reviews that came about due to an employee who has since been fired. I turned to an online virtual assistant for help. I thought maybe they could help my practice develop an excellent website and several social media accounts to help promote my presence and drum up some interest in my practice. I just hoped it would work quickly because I had little time to devote to these efforts.

They tackled my problems with gusto and very quickly set up a WordPress site and several social media accounts. They kept the content coming out on the feeds and also helped get traffic to my site by using search engine optimization techniques that got my site to the front page of search returns. If you’re in this town and do a search for a dentist, you’ll see me very quickly. The result was a dramatic influx of new patients, and some of those new patients are pleased and recommending me to their friends and families. The bills are getting paid and my future definitely looks brighter!