Hidden Secrets and Tough Decisions

I don’t like having to snoop around and spy on people, but there are cases when I will make an exception and do it anyway. Recently, I learned that one of my own sons was doing something illegal. I’ve tried to discipline him repeatedly, but it’s only caused him to lash out at me. This time, he did something that finally sent everything over the edge. He was helping someone else sell drugs. I was able to find out by using an Instagram password hack that let me get into his account and see the kinds of things that he was posting.

There was one person that he would talk to repeatedly on Instagram. They would mention getting packages and dropping them off, but they would do it in a clever way so that anyone who wasn’t knowledgeable about the code they used wouldn’t be able to figure it out. If only my son had used this kind of cleverness for something constructive. He could have gotten a cryptology degree from a respected university, or worked with the government for developing coded language that would be impossible for a foreign military to crack. It’s a shame how people waste their minds.

As I was digging through the Instagram posts, I found all I needed to know. I was left with the important decision of whether or not to turn my son over to the police. If I didn’t, then my son would keep on doing his illegal act and he would probably get arrested by the police or worse. If I did turn him in, he would hate me forever, and would still go to jail anyway. It was a tough call to make, but I decided not to turn my son in. I did confront him about what he was doing, and it wasn’t pretty.