I Am a Beautiful Survivor

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I knew that my hair was going to end up suffering because of the treatment I had to go through. The chemo did a number on it, but I did not lose as much as I thought I would. The loss was still enough that I knew I would need to look for a wig until my hair grew back. I am not usually a vain woman, but I am typical in wanting my hair to look nice. My hair stylist suggested that I look at half wigs for kinky curly hair, and she showed me some pictures of ones that she could order for me.

I had not even considered a half wig simply because I didn’t know they existed before my talk with her. I knew about wigs, and I knew about hair extensions. Half wigs were new to me though, but I really liked what I saw. What made me happy was that I would still be able to style it around the hair that I had at the time. Like I said, chemo took its toll on me, but I still had a good bit of hair left at the end of it, more than I expected to have.

I liked that I would be able to use the half wig to cover up the bald patches without having to cover up my own hair entirely. I thought that I would have to get a full wig and just cover my own up, but this gives me the best of both worlds. I am so grateful to be alive, because I would not be without the chemo that saved my life. I am also really grateful to the half wig for giving me back my confidence in being a beautiful and strong survivor!