I Changed My Diet Starting in College

I have taken tests in college where I could barely stay awake. It is hard to get all the studying in that I needed to do and get a good night of sleep. I would sometimes doze right in the middle of answering a question. I would not wait to cram before an exam. I would study throughout the courses. However, I would cram the night before too. I found a website that advises about foods to eat before taking a test. I never heard of that before. I figured if they would work for a test, then maybe they would help me absorb more information during my study time as well. I wanted to be able to just study normally without having to cram material the day before every test. The anxiety was really wearing on me.

Study time was a period of winding down from moving about over the campus. No debates, conversations or loud groups. Just quiet study time. I am not one to like music playing while I study. It is too distracting. However, the quiet environments of libraries were like being in my room at night before sleep. I would get tired. I needed some brain foods to help me stay alert and focused on studying without there being a drop of caffeine. I could not take that stuff. A single cup of coffee or cola with caffeine made me feel jittery. I did not like the feeling.

As I learned about foods to eat before taking a test, I learned a lot more about nutrition. My whole diet was wrong. No wonder I was tired all of the time and in a fog during study time. I slowly changed my diet to exclude the bad things, but I started adding more of the good things right away. That was a long time ago and my method is still working. You can make changes to. Just don’t go crazy with it in the beginning. Make it a permanent lifestyle change slowly over time.