I Checked out the BottomSlim Review for My Mom and I to Try It

Mom and I jokingly call it the family curse. We use the term in conversation, and the men have no idea what we’re talking about. Going back generations women in our family have smaller breasts and huge thighs. Well, that is how we see it. We have one Aunt who, by comparison, has the largest breasts in our family, so her big thighs look to be in proportion. The rest of us look bottom heavy. Mom and I eat right and exercise, but the family curse tries to win. I was looking at a BottomSlim review, and I decided to show my mom what I found out.

I wanted us to have a spa day, and the treatment they give you at Bottom Slim as well as the results women are getting are much better than just going to a place to get a facial and a massage. I have read blog posts and other information that showed me different BottomSlim review accounts. Compared to my mother and I, there was one blogger who looked to be in perfect proportion. She even had nice results from the treatment. I imagined mom and I could expect more.

Neither my husband or my dad has ever said anything negative about how mom or I look. There is no doubt they love us unconditionally. However, a girl wants to feel good about herself whether it is attempting to reach a goal of an idealized body shape or earning a certain amount at work. Maybe it is feeling good by earning a degree or having a child. We all have goals, and we all have idealized every single goal we have. My ideal body shape would include having larger breasts, but I am not willing to have surgery to accomplish that. This is why I wanted to try something to reduce my thigh size that was far less drastic.