I Got As Good of a Job As is Possible

Obviously there are real limits to what sort of job I can take while I am studying computer science full time at the University. Most of the options are not good at all, stuff like flipping burgers or working the counter at a convenience store. At any rate this job is not perfect, but it is a full time job where I do almost no work. The job is at a place that does self storage in Newmarket, in fact the have all sorts of other things that they do. None of the other stuff is my concern however. I just sit at the gate and wait to see if anything happens. There are usually a few people coming by every night and some of the time they are lost. A few times I suspect that the person showing up might try to do something nefarious, but they are not going to do it when I am there to call the police on them.

So I sit in this little both and if someone who has a right to be in the place shows up, then I let them in and I make sure they only go in the unit that belongs to them. However it is the middle of the night and so some nights there are no interruptions. I get to sit there and study all that I want. I get the internet from the place across the street. One of the guys who works there told me the password for the wi fi. He simply went there and asked someone if he could have the password. There was not any real reason not to let us use it, especially not me. I am one person in the middle of the night when everyone there is safe in their beds.