I Had All of Our Graphical Design Elements on Our Domain and Social Media Accounts Renovated

Our website and social media accounts needed a makeover. I was great at inventing things to sell, but I was lousy at marketing them. I went after a company that does digital marketing for Walnut Creek, and that is when my sales took off again. I make little plastic gadgets that are very useful. I have drawn designs on napkins, coded them in CAD and printed prototypes on a 3D printer. I test them out and then send the files off to a US plastics manufacturer who makes my stuff, and then I offer the products online.

I sell those things that you can get by without, but once you own them you use them pretty much all the time. I needed to keep my little business on the minds of as many people as possible. Then the marketing turns organic. People who try my stuff leave fantastic comments that help to sell my products to others. Then they are happy and do the same. However, if I miss a beat in providing fresh content on the business website and social media accounts, people soon forget about us and move on to the next big thing that catches their eye.

I was used to developing cool ads to promote my products, but social media is about providing other interesting content to keep your customers engaged and then interspersing your ad campaigns in with the other content. The company we hired that does digital marketing for Walnut Creek helped to really clean up the graphics on our website and what we use on social media to help my brand. I am impressed with the quarterly sales increases, and I really like the marketing automation we enjoy now. The consultant I hired takes a lot of the routine mundane marketing tasks off my hands and automates them. It frees me up to design and make new gadgets.