I Like the Way I Look Now

I am not one of those women who is tortured by what happened when I was younger. Kids are very cruel, and I was bullied a good bit because of my shape. I was very thin, and I did not have a shapely figure at all. This changed a bit when I was in high school, but I still did not have to go out and buy new bras as that is one part of my body that did not catch up with me. I had seen an advertisement for a breast enhancement cream in one of the magazines that I read, but I honestly thought it was just a gimmick and quickly forgot about it.

When I was in college, I had a roommate who told me about her own body experiences when we were staying up late one night and just talking. She told me that she used to have a similar shape to me, but I knew that her breasts were bigger because she actually has cleavage when she is wearing a shirt. That is something I never had before. She showed me a picture though, and I knew that she was telling me the truth.

I thought she had gone under the knife, but she told me that she had used an all natural breast enhancement cream that mimics hormones perfectly. Even she was surprised when she had to go out and buy new bras after just a couple of months. I ended up getting the same cream she used, because seeing really is believing. Well, it worked wonders on me too, and I am now the proud owner of some mighty fine looking cleavage myself. I never let the kids who bullied me make me feel less of myself, but I sure do like the way I look now a whole lot better!