I Love What I Do for a Living with the Help of My Diagnostic Scanner

I like to buy old cars at really low prices and then turn around and sell them. I have been able to make quite a bit of money at this. I make sure that I fix the car up so that it is safe to drive and won’t pose any trouble for the buyer. I do this buy using my ELM 327 scanner that I purchased online at a great price. It really helps me to learn all the things that may be going on with a car that I may not be able to see visually or feel when I drive the car. I also believe that it has saved me a lot of money.

I first got the idea of buying old vehicles and selling them myself after I began working for a man who runs a monthly car auction. He hired me to help him with a lot of general tasks. I did everything with helping with filing, general paperwork, making phone calls, helping him on auction day, scounting cars and so much more. It was a really fun job. I learned really quickly just how much money he was making by holding car auctions. Every month, hundreds of people would crowd into the warehouse to see what vehicles were available and then make a mad rush to put in their bids on the ones they wanted as soon as the bidding started. Everything moved so quickly and was such a rush!

I really did not want to buy property and then mess with owning a warehouse and scouting for old, used cards all the time myself. But I do like to fix cars, and I knew that buying one or two at really inexpensive prices and fixing them up would work well for me. I use the scanner I bought to get the diagnostics that I need in order to know exactly what needs work. After I complete the work, I sell the vehicles at a much higher price.