I Wanted to Get a Smartphone

When my mobile phone broke, I was not heartbroken at all. That is because I was ready to get a new phone, and that gave me the perfect excuse to do just that. I had never had a smartphone before, and I knew that was about to change. I was actually pretty excited because I have always been so far behind all of my friends as far as technology goes. That I would be able to do all the fun things that they do on their phones was exciting for me. I looked at SIM only deals on a website that my dad suggested I use to pick out the plan that would be best for me.

Just because I never had a smart phone did not mean that I did not understand what all one entails. I have used my friends’ phones enough to understand about data usage. That is why I was happy that I was able to look at what is important to me as easily as the site allowed. I was able to sort the various plans by the data usage first, and then I looked at the ones that offered unlimited data.

I knew that I would be playing a lot of games with my friends, and I did not want to get a bill that was high because I ended up using data for several hours every day. I am not saying I will do that, but it is nice to have the option should I choose to have a lazy day here and there. The site really helped me pick out the plan that was best for me, and the great thing is that I am actually paying just a little more than what I was for my phone that didn’t even have a data plan.