It’s Not Meant to Be Easy

Muscletech Ultra Pure BCAA - Swiss Body NutritionGrowing up as a scrawny kid who was kind of a nerd wasn’t the best experience, at least my school experience wasn’t the most stellar. Going to school as a kid is a little bit like Lord of the Flies – it’s a dog eat dog savage world where the boys will prey on the weak, bullying them until they’re nothing but a broken emotional husk of a kid. Most of us know how bad it can be in public schools which is why right after high school, I started working out. With pure muscle pro I have been able to attain impressive results of muscle growth – putting on sixty pounds of lean, hard muscle will change anyone, so imagine the surprise on the faces of people I hadn’t seen in five years when we all got a chance to meet up for our five year school reunion. They were shocked, I think, with a couple of the guys no doubt expecting to resume their bullying ways.

It suprises me how much some people don’t grow out of high school, as if it was the defining moment of their lives and they did nothing else. I think it’s important that we force ourselves to face challenges even if we create them for ourselves in order to overcome them and grow as individuals. You can’t be more than what you are now without experience, without facing some sort of trial that forces you to overcome it and make you think in ways that you hadn’t before. It’s not easy being a person, it’s definitely not easy being a kid, but I made myself work out hard and long in order to move beyond the person that I had been in high school. It wasn’t easy but that is entirely the point.