May the Funds Be with You

One of the biggest movies of all time was just released and my friends and I were all planning to see it. The ticket prices for movies had gone up since the last time I went, and for IMAX and 3D it was even more. I didn’t have enough money in my bank account to cover the cost of a ticket, and my friends were also strapped for cash, so I couldn’t borrow from them. One friend suggested that I could get the money I need from looking at Ewen Chia reviews. I didn’t quite understand how looking at reviews would give me money, but I did it anyway.

I later realized that the reviews were for a marketing technique that could be used to gain a lot of money quickly. I had a free website that I created years ago just for fun, and converted it to use with affiliate marketing. In just a day, I had enough money to cover the cost of my movie ticket, along with food and drink. I even had enough money to pay for my friends tickets too. I could have stopped there, but it was too much of a good thing to just let go.

Before the movie started, my friends and I were sitting in the theater, waiting for the previews to start. I pulled out my phone and checked on my website to see if I had made more money. By that point, I had made 5 times the amount that I did on my first day. Being able to check my website and make changes to it on the fly is one of the most convenient things ever. I even turned on the voice recognition on my phone and did some website updates by speaking into the phone while I was driving.