Moving to the Front Line

I’ve always been more of a behind the scenes kind of worker. I would quietly do my work, turn it in, and brag if I did well. I was perfectly fine working like this, but that changed one day. My boss thought that the work I had done was so good, that he gave me a promotion. I was happy to move up in the company and get a pay increase, but there was one catch. The job role meant that I would have to do some speaking. I was never really good at making effective communications, especially in important situations.

I needed to speak for the job because I would be meeting with higher level people in the company and presenting my ideas to them. Whether the higher ups agreed to the ideas or not would be dependent on how good the ideas were and how well I presented them. A simple computer presentation will only get a person so far. They have to communicate the ideas of the presentation in an effective manner that will convince people to get on board. Since I’ve never been good at doing this, I thought I was in over my head and looked for help in the one place that has always helped me.

On the Internet, I found a company that teaches people how to be better speakers. I signed up for one of their courses and did everything I could to improve. I had to break through my behind the scenes personality and become more of an upfront person. It’s not something that you can really do overnight, but once it’s done, the change is really noticeable by everyone. At my first presentation, I stood tall and conveyed my ideas with confidence, and the higher level workers in the company actually liked it.