My Best Friend and Wife Works with Me Daily

In a good number of movies, it has not been uncommon for business owners to run off with their company secretary at some point. I married my secretary, but the situation is not anything like what they like to portray in the movies. Both of us were single people who simply became friends and fell in love with one another over time. All very innocent, my wife is truly my best friend and my best supporter in both life and work.

I began working at the company that I still work for about 25 years ago. I have had a number of great secretaries working for me. All of them have been great assistant who have helped me keep everything together at work. Around 15 years ago, I hired a woman who would later become my wife. Of course, I thought she was very pretty, but so are a lot of the other people who work for me. I didn’t hire her for that reason. I hired her because she had a great resume and references. She was also very poised and seemed like she would be a good fit for the company and me.

Over time, I would say that I developed a crush on her. But because I was her boss, there was no way that I wanted to make her feel uncomfortable in any way. Another year passed, and I realized she had a crush on me, too. It took me awhile, but I finally got the nerve to bring it up to her one day. I was single and so was she, so I figured that it couldn’t at least hurt to try. I asked her out, and she said yes. We were married a year later. I love going to work with her every day.