My Wife Deserves to Have Flowers

My wife and I had our first argument not that long ago. We have been married for nearly two years, so I guess that is not a bad track record. Of course, we had our bickering moments, but this was our first real fight where we were both just shattered by it. I knew that neither of us wanted to hurt the other, even though that is exactly what we did. I had to rush out for work, but my mind kept going back to that. I decided to do a search for cheap flower delivery for Melbourne, spur of the moment.

I had sent her flowers on our anniversary last year, but that was the only time. I saw how much that made her happy, and I wanted to put that kind of smile back on her face. Though technically neither of us were wrong with our position on the fight, I just wanted us to get past this and move on because the pain of fighting with my best friend, the love of my life, was just too much to bear. So, I found a florist that is not far from where we live, and I went to their website to look at the different floral arrangements they have.

I did not want to get too elaborate because my wife is not that kind of person. She is much happier with a spray of wildflowers than she is with a dozen long stemmed red roses. There were some really gorgeous wildflower arrangements, and I placed an order for one of the more colorful ones to be delivered that same day. When I got home from work, my wife was waiting for me, all smiles. We both apologized many times, and both of us hope that we never have a fight like that again. I also knew that it would not be the last time I sent random flowers to her for no reason at all!