Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) are designated to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the countryside and coastline of Wales and England.

Anglesey traeth eilian

The Isle of Anglesey has one of the most distinctive, attractive and varied landscapes in the British Isles. Anglesey was designated as an AONB in 1966 in order to protect the aesthetic appeal and variety of the island’s coastal landscape and habitats from inappropriate development.

The AONB is predominantly a coastal designation, covering most of the island’s 125 miles coastline, but also encompasses Mynydd Twr (219 meters – Anglesey’s highest point) and Mynydd Bodafon¬† along with substantial areas of land which form the essential backdrop¬† to the coast. The total coverage of the AONB is approximately 21,500 hectatres – approximately a third of the island.

The AONB contains rocky headlands, golden beaches, dunes, heaths and fine green countryside. Some of the beaches are recognised as being amongst the best in Great Britain and Europe. The AONB supports a wealth of wildlife such as choughs, grey seals, sea lavender and silver studded blue butterflies.  There are also many areas protected for their nature conservation value, such as Newborough Warren National Nature Reserve, and several Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

The Isle of Anglesey AONB is part of a family of similar areas throughout Wales and England. In total, there are 41 AONBs in Wales and England. Out of the 5 Welsh AONBs, Anglesey is the largest.

To see a list of activities that have been organised by the AONB Team, please follow the link to the PDF document below.

For more information on the Anglesey AONB, please follow the weblink below to the Isle of Anglesey County Council’s website.


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