New Tyres for My Son’s New Car

When I started looking for a used car to buy for my son, I knew that we were going to have to get a fixer upper with the budget that we had to work with. I am not willing to compromise his safety though just to save a few bucks, so I took my time looking at all the clunkers that were being sold in the area. When I came across one that is only ten years old with low mileage, we snagged it up. I knew that we would need to check into getting some Dandenong tyres put on it, but it looked good otherwise.

I was really happy that we had found him such a bargain. The amazing thing was that it was not in bad shape at all, save for the tyres. We bought it off an elderly woman who was no longer able to drive. When she could drive, she just used it locally, making it a great deal for us. I looked it over completely, and other than some balding tyres, it was in amazing shape. I always go to Grand Tyre for my own tyre needs, simply because they are the best around.

I started going to them a few years ago when my old tyre center wanted to charge me a small fortune for four new tyres. They had recently remodeled, so it made sense they passed the added costs onto me as well as other customers. It also made sense that I would find a new tyre center that had much more reasonable prices as well as quality tyres. We took my son’s new car there, and they were able to put four brand new tyres on for one low cost. Other than that, my son was ready to go with his new car, making both of us happy this car buying experience went as well as it did.