No One Wants to Hear Complaints

I’ve complained about my job for many years, and my friends have always put up with it, but one day they finally got tired of it. They told me that if I hated the job so much that I should leave it behind and look for something else to do. They were right, but I wasn’t sure where else I could be working. They had already come up with some suggestions, and one of them was to read a few Ewen Chia reviews and see if I would like to start affiliate marketing, which would be different from the kinds of jobs that I was used to doing all the time.

I thought about my job opportunities and looked at the reviews that my friends mentioned and the best option seemed to be affiliate marketing. It was something that I could do anywhere in the world as long as I had a working Internet connection. I would be essentially acting as my own boss, which meant that I could make up the hours that I want to work and work as hard as I want. If there was a day that I didn’t feel like working, I could just take that day off. At the same time, I could work while having a day mostly off.

The first thing I needed to do for affiliate marketing was to set up a website, so I created one with a custom domain. I had learned a little bit about building webpages in college, so setting up the website was pretty easy. I could have used one of those template websites, but I preferred something with a bit more customization. Once the website was done, it did most of the work for me. I checked the website to see how much I made each day.