Our Dog Panics when We Go to the Vet’s Office

Our little dog listens very well. She comes inside from the fenced in area on the first call. She responds to the sit and lie down commands no matter what the distractions are. She does not bark at people or dogs, and she is very friendly. However, she panics when we visit the vet’s office. I had to get a cheap dog carrier to put her in before we even leave the house to go to the vet. She will jump all around inside the car even trying to wedge herself under the seat to not have to go into the vet’s office. The vet is my sister, so I know she treats her well. We are not sure what the problem is.

We have taken her there just to have treats and visit, and she panics the whole time even though no treatments are done. We suspect she had a very negative experience at some point in her life before we rescued her from our local animal shelter. I am glad the office is only five minutes away as she whimpers and shakes the whole time she is in the dog carrier. It is the only time we use the thing as she is fine going anywhere else. She does not even mind revisiting the animal shelter we adopted her from.

We tried visiting a different veterinary office, but it is even worse. For her routine checkups, my sister is now doing them in our home. We are the only housecall she will make, and we are very grateful for that. We have to give our little dog a tranquilizer to help calm her before we make any trips to the actual office for things such as an x-ray. My sister will even draw blood for her heartworm and CBC checks at our house. Our little dog is okay with that, as long as it is done at home.