Our Maid from Myanmar is Perfect!

I learned about about myanmar maid services from my friend who has a wife, two children and an elderly mother to care for. Him and his wife both work professional jobs. The children are barely out of diapers, and the elderly mother is a widow. She helps with the children some, but she tires easily and rests often. It reminded me so much of my situation.

My wife was at her wits end. She was trying to take care of her father while she cares for our two children. She is also working part time as I work full time. We needed the help of a domestic servant, or maid, to help us get by. We were wearing ourselves out trying to do it all on our own. I hired one of the maids the agency recommended would be perfectly suitable for our specific situation.

The woman had years of experience raising her own children who are now adults, and she cared for her parents until they passed away a few years ago. She fits in with our family perfectly. The children really care for her, and my father-in-law is very grateful for the help and company. She is a dynamo. She cooks and cleans circles around us. We had no idea what it would be like to have a maid. What I know now would have had me hire one as soon as our first child was born.

Generations ago families were big and always had enough people to take care of kids, clean, do outdoor chores and cook meals. Now most work outside the home. Some of us have a long commute back and forth to work. That is how it is with me. We were falling behind at home until we hired this very kind, intelligent and hard working maid.