Our Web Domain Was in Sore Need of a Makeover

We got so involved with social media for promoting our business that we let our website slip into antiquity. I’m not talking about it having a visit counter at the bottom of the page or sparkly animated gifs, but it was still quite dated and needed a makeover. We hired a company that does web design in Milton to help us with our domain renovations. We wanted to incorporate a content management system that would make it a lot easier for us to update our website in-house as well as having our outside web development team be able to do their thing.

Speaking of web counters and sparkly animated gifs, I do remember those being a big part of websites back in the day. That and MIDI music files that played when you landed on someones page. Nowadays those annoying popover videos that start to play are the modern MIDI equivalents. Yes, the technology advances but the goofy tactics stay the same. This is why we wanted a top notch web design company to rebuild our web domain. The company we chose that does web design in Miltion really helped us in making an award winning website.

Our site is responsive and looks great on any screen from smartphones to large monitors. It also is not bogged down with third-party junk that makes for long loading time with some browsers. Most everyone has a high speed data connection now, but there are pages that take forever to load because of bad coding and drawing resources from hundreds of different locations. We run our content on our servers and have very little third-party stuff that loads. The other day Amazon’s S3 servers went down rendering many sites inoperable. Our web design company showed us how to avoid those problems by relying on our own advanced servers.