Patience is the Balance for Risk

With several of my friends investing in franchises, I’ve begun to wonder whether or not it’s something I should do for myself. I’m not much of a business manager to be honest and I can’t imagine myself wanting to try and manage a business like that. It would take a lot of effort, not to mention the time and financial investment that’s involved. There’s simply too much risk when you’re investing in anything that has a complete chance of failure. It’s not always going to end in failure but it’s incredibly important to understand what you’re going to be getting yourself into.

Some of those same friends have gone on to make quite a bit of money but on the other hand, a couple of them have lost nearly everything and have had to work incredibly hard to get back to a place where they can live comfortably again. I’m not a fan of risk. I completely understand that sometimes in order to get ahead you’re going to have to do what it takes which means taking those same risks. The risks that pay out of the best are going to be those that require a significant financial investment at least.

Maybe I’m just not ready for that yet. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to achieve a financially sustainable way of life but right now with my student debt under my belt, it’s not something that I can really consider an optimal choice. However, I do plan on investing in EFTs which will hopefully help me get to the point that I can begin looking toward more opportunities. It might take several eyars before I’m able to do anything as risky as starting a new business but I’m willing to wait: all good things come when you’re willing to be patient.