Menai Suspension Bridge

The spectacular suspension bridge which links the town of Menai Bridge to the north coast of Wales was designed by Thomas Telford and opened in 1826.


Ferries sailed across the treacherous Menai Strait for centuries, but a need to improve the link with Ireland posed one of the greatest engineering challenges of the age. How could the London to Holyhead road be completed with a bridge that leaped from shore to shore, a span of 579 feet with a height sufficient to allow the passage of fully rigged ships?

When Thomas Telford completed his seven year task in 1826 – proving for the first time on a large scale the viability of the suspension bridge principle – his magnificent achievement was celebrated throughout the land.

It was the first large iron suspension bridge to be constructed in the world and fully rigged sailing ships could pass under its central span, whilst carriages, horses and pedestrians could cross safely on the road, instead of using ferries.

What are the opening times?

Open all year

How much does it cost?

No cost

Where is it and how do I get there?

O.S: SH7155

4km (2m) west of Bangor on the A5.
Where can I stay?

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