Quick Way to Find Medical Help

Finding a family walk in can sometimes prove daunting in a country like Canada. What I mean by that, if you are not aware, is that Canada is essentially a socialist country and a country with a nationalised health care system. I’ve lived throughout various provinces throughout my life and the medical care varies greatly depending on where you live. Living in Yellowknife is not like living in Toronto, and none of those places are like Montreal. I’ve lived in places where you can sail in the door and see someone immediately. I’ve also lived in places where you’ll wait months for basic treatment.

The usual refrain is just go to the emergency room. They’ll look at anyone. Unfortunately, in Canada it can take years to get your own personal physician. I knew someone who lived in a small town who didn’t get his own doctor for seven years. Seven years! That is a lot of trips to the emergency room for a cough and cold. I became interested in walk in establishments because I would say almost all of my trips to a health care professional involved minor ailments or things like getting wax cleaned out of my ears. Just basic things you can’t do at home.

I have asthma, which isn’t usually a problem except during certain times of the year. For some reason, this past autumn proved very difficult for me. I wanted someone to check my lungs so I decided to find a family walk in place. I located an excellent site online that lists practitioners in various places in the region. More importantly, I found a place accepting new patients. It was only a matter of making a phone call at the number listed on the site and going through the details of my condition. Twenty minutes later I was in the office and getting my asthma checked!