Saving a Marraige with a Job

The sales recruitment website that my husband found has saved our lives. He had been out of work for nearly a month and it was really taking a toll on our relationship. We were constantly fighting about money and whose fault it was that we did not have enough money to even pay the bills. I knew that it was going to turn around and that it was not really his fault that he was out of work, but I did feel that he was not doing enough to find a new job.

I told him to stop wasting his time online playing games and to instead use that time to look for work. It must have finally sunk in that he could be doing something more productive with his time off than playing video games because he finally found this site that helped him get a job.

I really did feel badly about having to yell at him to find work, but he is the type of person that will not take the initiative and do it on his own. I knew that if I did not push him that it would be years before he found another job.

I told him that we only had enough money in savings to cover about two more months of rent and car payments and that was if we did not buy food to eat. I work, but it is only enough income to cover the cost of our utilities. Luckily, he did find this site and was able to follow up on a few leads and find a job. He is now back to work and doing well. I really do feel good about how things are going these days and hope they continue to get even better as he works his way up in the new company.