Saving Money is Now Cool

I remember when I was younger, my mom would go into a discount store and I would stay in the car because I thought I was way too good to be seen in a discount store. My mom would yell and me and tell me that it’s okay to save money, yell at me for telling me that I was a snob and said that she wasn’t good enough for me. The guilt worked, but I never went into the store with her. Today, all of that has changed, I will go online and look for Officemax online coupon codes when I am going to buy something in that store. There is nothing worse than paying full price for something when there are ways to save out there.

I raised my kids not to be too proud, and that worked until they got to middle school and started to want to wear the brand named clothes because there was a lot of pressure to look good while going to school and thier discount store clothes just weren’t working. I told my kids what I paid for their clothes at the discount store and told them that if they could find discounts at their favorite stores that I would buy them the same amount in clothing at those brand name stores if they could save money while doing so. This encouraged them to go online and find all kinds of in store savings and coupons that could be used in store while shopping. They also find the best deals online looking for online coupon codes to order the clothes from the online stores. We are saving a ton of money now as they help me look for other coupons and they are the best dressed kids in their classes while saving money.