Anglesey, Mother of Wales

Anglesey, the granary of Wales, once had about 50 working windmills and nearly as many watermills.

Anglesey flagAnglesey island

Throughout its history, the people of Anglesey have lived by farming. The island was known as ‘Môn, Mam Cymru’, Anglesey, Mother of Wales during the Middle Ages when it provided grain and livestock for the mountainous mainland.

The towers of many of the windmills can still be seen dotted around the landscape, some derelict, others converted into dwellings. Melin Llynnon is the only one to be restored to its original function and now grinds flour again.

In its heyday barley and oats predominated, as Anglesey’s warm moist climate best suited these crops. Modern varieties of wheat are more weather tolerant and this grain is usually ground to make flour for bread.