Starting a Business After Retirement

The wife and I have some plans for travel after we retire in the spring. First off we shall take a trip to the United Kingdom. I am going to visit the area of Wales where my grandfather was born, the Island of Anglesey is what it is called. There is a famous bridge there he liked to paint. After that I might start a business, but I need term life insurance no medical exam in order to do so. Not sure exactly how difficult that is going to be for someone who is 60 years old like I am right now. The policy would only be needed for the business, as I already have other insurance policies for the family. That has been taken care of long ago and it is all paid off. However it is not like you can have much of a business without involving an insurance company in some way. The lenders would want to get paid in the event that something happened to me and prevented me from repaying them.

Right now my health seems to be excellent, but I am not really sure how much a doctor would agree with me or if a medical exam would be needed for the purpose that I want the life insurance policy. In this case it seems likely that the two might have to go hand in hand. The policy would be specifically designed as part of a business and so the fact that my health would be extremely relevant to anyone lending me money to start a business. Of course I do not think the loan shall be all that significant as this will be as much a way to pass the time as it shall be a serious business. I do not want to be fully retired, but I am not interested in being fully occupied either.