Still Working on the Downtown Project

We just got started on this job and it is going to be a good while before we get done. We are doing subcontracting and right now we are going behind these guys from Aircon service in Singapore. They are putting in a big air conditioning system and it is rather complicated and we are going in behind them and making it look really pretty. So in essence we spend a lot of time sitting on our butts and waiting for stuff to be ready for us to start. We can not do much until it is ready. There is a bit of a choreographed dance to this. You have to go from A to B to C and you can not skip to the end. It has to be done in the proper order and in as quick an order as you might like. Of course we get paid no matter and if we spend half of the day talking crap and doing nothing we get paid just as much as if we were working solid all day long.

Of course the day takes forever when you are bored and it flies by when you are keeping busy. I like to feel like I have earned my pay when I go home at night. That way I can drink a couple of beers relax and feel like I really earned it. Of course even if I did not feel like I had earned it I might go out and have a good time, because that is what you do. You can not be worried about what you did at work or what you did not do. You do what the job is and some times it is boring. That is just the way that is going to be some days.