Thorough Cleaning Makes New Tenants Feel at Home from the Very First Day They Move in

When I put my rental properties back up on the market to acquire new tenants, I make sure they look fresh and new. This entices the potential lessee into a new lease. No one wants to move into a dirty or run down place and have to fix it up if they are renting. This is the main reason why I use a company that is really good at post tenancy cleaning for Singapore rental properties. They do the job that neither the leaving tenants or I can do.

No matter how well-intentioned the tenant who is leaving a property is, they never do a thorough cleaning job. It is rare to find a rental property where the entire interior has been thoroughly scrubbed and polished. Usually, when I come in after a tenant has left, I can find some leftover items they did not take, light spots on the walls where pictures used to hang and a refrigerator that is dirty. Storage spaces are almost always left dirty. I find crumbs in kitchen drawers and even leftover canned goods and boxed items they just did not want to take with them. The professional cleaning company comes in and cleans up the place to make it look like no one has ever lived there before.

That is what new tenants want. They want to move into a place that is not just new to them but feels like it has not been used by someone before them. I like it when a tenant does not feel compelled to scrub the place they are moving into from top to bottom. I like it when they tell me that the place is so clean that they just moved in without cleaning anything. The company that I use that does post tenancy cleaning for Singapore accomplishes that for me.